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How to Order a Poodle. Placement Application

Please fill out our application to be approved as a home for one of our poodles.

Be sure to keep in mind when selecting your dog that POODLES have a long life span. Decide on the size that you feel you would be comfortable with for years to come. Also remember that the more attention and time that you can give your puppy the more of a committed companion you will have. Your POODLE will always provide you with unconditional love and affection for years to come.

Because we are committed to the health and welfare of our pups, we spend a lot of time with them from birth. Handling them from the day that they are born gives us, as breeders, much better insights and knowledge of which pup is right for you.

People who come to pick out a pup may spend an hour or two not seeing the true traits of that puppy. Letting us know what you are looking for in your POODLE as well as describing the specific environment that he/she will be in, really helps us make the perfect choice. 

Many people also consider purchasing a pup only by sex: the female being a better family pet is a myth. In fact males that are neutered early in life (normally 5 months or before) make the best pet for a family with young children. They are more committed to the family, much cleaner, don't have mood swings, quicker to train and more loving. Many people mistakenly reject a male, fearing it will lift its leg all over their house. If the male is neutered early and is an "it" and will not knowing what it is like to have testosterone flowing, which is what makes a male dog mark his territory or leave his scent for other dogs.

The urine of a female dog contains more amonia and can burn your lawn. Females tend to do more submissive urination when excited, and even when spayed, can still have mood swings. We are not saying female Poodles are not good, we are just saying that you should never rule out a male, as they are far better than you may think.

Your new family member will arrive groomed, with an up to date vet shot record, tail & dewclaws done, health certificate, micro-chipped, AKC papers, a four generation pedigree showing the lineage with all Champions highlighted, travel / training kennel, Eukanuba starter kit and a genetic health guarantee. We recommend that you take your new arrival to your local vet within 48 hours to inquire about Lyme Disease, Heartworm, and a Flea program, as we do not have any of these problems here in Pahrump, Nevada, but they are found in other areas.

So please, for the health of your new POODLE, make an inquiry to your veterinarian and obtain this important information where and when it is necessary.

We will make all of the necessary arrangements to have the puppy flown from Las Vegas, Nevada to the major airport nearest to your home. We ship all of our puppies by major airlines with 'Pet Safe', 'Priority Handling', 'Quick Pak','Delta First Pet', or 'Pet Nanny Service' where someone flies with the puppy on board the plane with them to insure a safe journey for your new baby. In extreme heat or cold weather, I will do my best to get your pup to you when you would like him/her to arrive, but only if it is safe. WE WILL NOT SHIP IF WEATHER POSES A HEALTH RISK. You understand that the health of the pup is our first priority always!

NO puppies will be held without a 50% deposit with all balances including shipping due a minimum of 14 days before shipping. All payments will need to be done by bank transfer, US postal money order or credit card. (We no longer accept personal checks, certified checks, western union, or money grams). Credit cards are accepted by invoice payment or over the phone, thru PayPal . Deposits are non-refundable with the exception of Act of God or breeders discretion. Make sure that you/your family  wants a poodle and that you can have a dog where you live as there are no cash refunds on deposits or returning a  poodle. Breeder has the discretion on whether a refund is warranted. Please fill out our application to be approved as a home for one of our poodles.



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