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Poodle Ear Infections

Poodles are known for getting ear infections. Here are a few things that cause them.

  1. Hair in the ear hole
  2. Moisture in the ear hole
  3. Large amounts of Beet Pulp in certain dog foods
  4. Large amounts of Grains such as corn in their diets

These four are the biggest problems and cause yeast infections which can be very hard to get rid of and treat. If they are treated vigorously

First check the ingredients on the bag of food, look for the word 'beet pulp' that is a big source of Ear problems that I have found over the years. 'Beet pulp' is put into a large number of dog food as it's a stool hardener and it makes it sweet so that dogs like the food. A few now have beet pulp sugar removed like Eukanuba.  Low grain or no grain foods that we recommand is Orijen as it has no grains or by products but remember this is only if there is issues because grain free foods are linked to causing heart issues in dogs leading to early deaths.

What happens in 'Poodle ears' is that the canals are very narrow which hold moisture, thus anaerobic bacteria grows there which is a yeast; sugar products promote this as well as the fact that air can't get down there to dry it out. You can have surgery done on them if it's really really bad to reconstruct the ear canal (about $ 2500.) but that is not always the answer.

We have found some old home remedies that work very well and will dry them up quicker and easier than most of the things that vets tend to offer you. But you have to do it faithfully to get it under control first. Normally if you have a culture done it will come back as 'Psudeomonus'.

#1. *** Ron's has recently retired, but you can get the same mixture from Wonder Ear Powder through Chantilly Kennels at 1-803-329-1432 (*** It's a mixture of Idoform Powder, Zinc Oxide, Boric Acid. The key ingredient in the mixture is the Idoform powder because it is effective against anaerobic (not needing oxygen) bacteria that thrive in dark, moist places like standard poodle ears.

To treat an existing infection; put a generous pinch in each ear and work it down the hole with your finger. Wait a few minutes, and pluck all of the ear hair being sure to get all the way down the canal that you can see. The powder will dry up a lot of the gunk and it will come out with the hair. Put another large pinch of powder in each ear and leave it in. (the dog will shake some out, but that is ok. Wait 24 hrs., and use a dry q-tip to completely remove powder from the ears. There will be balls of powder and dried gunk. Put another pinch of powder in each ear. Repeat daily until the ears no longer run. Then go to every other day, then every third day, twice a week, weekly, every other week, every third week then monthly.

To Maintain good ears; Put powder in each ear and pluck all of the hair out every few weeks. Allow the dog to shake, but leave some excess powder in the ears.

#2. Blue Lightening Formula (abit more messy but works good) You will need these things to make this:

  • 1 pt. rubbing alcohol
  • 4 tablespoons of Boric Acid Powder (this will not dissolve must shake good before using each time)
  • 16 drops (same as 1 cc) of Gentian Violet (2 % or double if only 1 %) (I get it at Wal-mart).
Mix all of this into the Alcohol (might have to dump a bit out if the bottle is too full before putting ingredients in). Make sure to shake well before each using each time as the boric acid does not dissolve.

Put in ear & massage below the ear, step back and let dog shake (This will stain the light color dogs a nice purple color but will eventually disappear....don't worry) Best to do this outside so that you don't have purple droplets everywhere inside. Do this for two weeks twice a day then once a day for a week, then every three days for two weeks. And it should clear up, then just use before bathing as a maintenance..

Both of these remedies work, but DO NOT USE BOTH at the same time.

#3. For a general maintenance a mixture of White Vinegar & Rubbing Alcohol 50/50 As a douche for the ears works wonders, just use before bathing. Use this only if no infection is present.

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