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2003 Newsletter

Another fabulous year has come to a close. It has been an exciting year in the show ring, not only with our new Champions but seeing more of our off-spring making there own place in the show world. We are very proud of them too.

In February 'Meiling' finished, her US Championship to make her Am/Can. CH. Ash's-Mystical Meiling Mazel'. Also, 'Willow' received her Canadian Championship to make her 'Am/Can CH. Laurelbury Pussy Willow' for her daughters in the show ring Spring of 2004! 'Murdoch' and his brother 'Russell' both received their US Championships. Here is a picture of 'Am. CH. Ash's-Mystical Murdoch Images'. These two boys are sons of Mikki (Am.CH. VIP's Mystical Perfect Image), & Maurice (Am. CH. Starfire's Mystical Maurice). This makes 3 Champions from this litter of 4 !! Congratulations goes to Bilbo who earned his CDX.great job Carol.

As April came 'Mirabella' becomes 'Am.CH. Ash's-Mystical Mirabella Rose'. 'Moe' becomes 'Am.CH. Mystical Mr. Mac O'Elk Creek', he now lives in Japan with his new owners. To top off the month 'Meri Eve' gets her US Championship. With the May flowers blooming, so did one of our off spring. 'Donnie' receives his Championship to become 'Am/Can. CH. Amity's AKA The Last Don'. With the blooming of the June flowers, 'Mabel' gets her Can. Championship 'Amity's Mystical Mabel Able'. While in Idaho, Bilbo gets his UD.

The summer weather sizzling... we heat up the show ring too. In July 'Mavis' not only finished her US title but received her Canadian one too to become 'Am/Can. CH. Ash's-Mystical Amity Mob Queen' following in the foot steps of her Champion parents 'Mario' & 'Simone'......... 'Meri Eve' earns her Canadian title to be 'Am/Can CH. Ash's-Mystical Amity Meri Eve' while her half sister 'Emma' becomes 'Can. CH. Amity's Mystical Even'n'Spriz'. Offspring 'Ethan' Am/Can. CH. Amity's The Wiseguy owned by Dawn Strumbel earns his 'German National Championship' as well as his 'International Championship' our congratulations to both of them. Moving right along into August, Mabel gets her US title 'Am/Can. CH. Amity's Mystical Mabel Able'; while young Merlin becomes 'Am. CH. Mystical Merlin Of Elk Creek'.

With summer beginning to turn to fall, September finds 'Mistress' getting her Canadian Championship to now be Can.CH. Ash's-Mystical Mafia Mistress' along with 'Sissy' 'Can.CH. Mystical ShowNoff At Amity' in the same weekend. 'Emma' gets a 'Best Puppy In Show' in the US. Then in November, Bilbo gets his UDX, what a year for him & Carol; I am sure you will see more titles on him in 2004 as they are a great team.

We are proud of everyone that is involved with handling & showing our poodles. A big Thank You goes to Shelley Wooldridge, Sharon Svoboda, Anne Seppo, Jane Smythe, Dawn Strumbel, Karla Wirtz, Yvonne Norton, Jennifer Dege, and Carol Millar. Watch for these poodles in the show ring during 2004:

Ash's-Mystical Madison Avenue
Ash's-Mystical Whistlin'Dixie (owner Genny Sherman)
Ash's-Mystical Fairway's Monet (owner Kerry Arnold)
Ash's-Mystical Marshall Dillon
Ash's-Mystical Minuette
Ash's-Mystical Moe Akio Taro
Ash's-Mystical Mariposa
Ash's-Mystical Gorgeous Gracie (owner Sharyn Zenz)
Starfire's Mystical Mahogany (owners Marie Hedeman & Dr. Sue Boehm)
Mystical Tiny Dancer (owner Ilene Marback)
Mystical ShowNoff At Amity (owners Anne Seppo & Marie Hedeman)

...just to name a few!

During the devastating fires in California, 9 poodles that came from us ended up in shelters. Because they had their Avid micro-chips, the shelters we able to contact us, so that we could track down their owners. Some of these poodles where far over 5 yrs. of age, and the owners had never submitted their information to Avid Pet Trac, thus it took a number of days to get a couple of them back to their owners. I have asked time & time again for all of you to remember to send the form in, as it would have been a lot quicker for those poodles to get home if that simple form was taken care of in the beginning. PLEASE, PLEASE check that you have sent it in. One of these poodles could have been yours in the shelter! For those of you who can't remember what the form looked like, here is what you need to look for in your paperwork.

On the lighter side, in June some of our poodles were used for an advertising campaign for the nightclub 'Light' at the Bellagio Hotel. 'Pink & White Poodles' were featured in all of their ads & billboards. Well the campaign caused such havic because of the wording on one of the billboards, that read ' My bitches & I will be there' even here in Las Vegas where you can see showgirls being almost naked on billboards / entertainment guides, sexy men & women in all types of ads,its not proper to call a female dog a 'bitch' .go figure. Anyway the campaign did attract national & international news because the one billboard was taken down and an apology was given to the public by the hotel for using the word 'bitch'! Here are a couple of the ads that were part of the campaign. Got love those pink poodles!!!!

Remember to stop by the Extended Family page (oops now pages) of your website. There are a lot of pictures that many of you have sent to us and hope that you all enjoy the.

Happy Holidays & all the best for 2004 to all of you!

Marie & Karl Hedeman

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