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New Year's Resolutions by Robin Reed


To be in the moment more often,
to have fewer needs and preferences
to be grateful for every morsel of food that comes my way
to eat lightly and at the same time each day
to be more patient and have few complaints
to be enthusiastic about a leaf falling my way.

To have time to stop and talk with passers by
to always notice older people and greet them affectionately
to be patient with children who are clumsy
to be alert to sounds and mindful of changes
to be quiet and simply observe.

To always look over my shoulder every few steps
to see that My Beloved is close by, or coming along
to start each day with stretching
to cuddle in the morning before the day starts
to always have time for affection and fun.

To give my full attention to whatever is called of me
to always be ready to play,
to greet my friends with enthusiasm
to listen intently and be single-minded about what I am doing
to listen to wise people who are looking out for me
to carefully inspect and consider what is in my path.
to notice when someone comes home and to welcome them
to dance when treats or special favors are given
to expect nothing and be content to lie around and rest
to be happiest when my family is together.

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