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'Lord Of The Ring'.........Or Shall we say 'Queen' Carol Brook!

The Obedience Ring

Ash’s Mystical Poodles is very happy to present this page in honor of Carol Brook and the outstanding obedience success she has had with two of our very special Standard Poodles: OTCH Ash’s Mystical Bilbo Baggins UDX3 RA and Ash’s Mystical Frodo Baggins UD RA.

These Lords of the Ring have emerged not from the land of the Hobbits, but from Gilbert, AZ where Carol lives. Here’s their story of remarkable achievement.



OTCH Ash’s Mystical Bilbo Baggins UDX3 RA

Bilbo, born on July 15, 2002 has been a wizard in the obedience ring earning his CD on 7-20-02; CDX in March 2003; UD just three months later, his UDX in December 2003 and his UDX3 in 2004. In December 2005 came one of Bilbo's biggest accomlishments when he earned his OTCH.  He earned his RA in March of 2006.

He is 8 High in Trials; 15 High Combined and currently working on his UDX4 and Rally Obedience Titles.

Bilbo’s career began with puppy classes and his amazing success has been the culmination of great teamwork. Carol says: “The odds of putting a Championship Obedience title on your first obedience dog are 1:20,000 so we have joined a very elite group.” We agree!

Final rankings are currently pending for Bilbo, and Carol’s goal is to have him finish within the Top 10. We have no doubt she and Bilbo will achieve this honor, too.




Ash’s Mystical Frodo Baggins UD RA

Frodo was born on May 12, 2002 and has had an extremely fast ascent to the top of the obedience rankings. His CD was earned in June 2004, followed by his CDX in November of that same year and his UD title in June 2005. Carol says: “This is three titles in one 12 month period with all scores 195 or above, except his first CD leg which was only 194.5 and that 1 point was lost for handler error.” All we can add is “Wow!”  Frodo also earned is RA in March of 2006.

Frodo is a Delta certified therapy dog and is now working on his UDX and Rally Obedience Titles.

Congratulations to Frodo and Carol for these outstanding rankings:

#1 Poodle in Utility A

#1 Non-sporting breed in Utility A

#8 All Breed Utility A per Front & Finish Magazine, Volune XXXV, No. 5, February 2006

For her third poodle, and first miniature, Carol once again asked Marie to pick a hot prospect and Ash’s Mystical Zip Drive (Zip) is now onboard and looking forward to giving his best efforts for Carol, too. We have no doubt he’ll exceed her expectations.

A special thank you is due to Carol’s husband for his support and encouragement. In addition, her coach and mentor, Evelyn Schmidt, who first recognized Bilbo’s potential and encouraged Carol along the way, has earned her deep appreciation.

A big round of applause for Carol, Bilbo and Frodo. 


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